Floral Titles are Up!

Just a note to say that the photos in our floral gallery have now been given titles.  Some of the titles are based on the scientific or the common name of a flower.  In other cases, we have chosen a more "creative" title for the picture.  Sometimes we just wanted to do that, while other times we did so because we could not get a definite identification for the blossom(s).  If any of our readers would like to help us with that, we'd appreciate it!  We would not necessarily change a title, but it would still be good to know more about the flowers that we photograph.  Hope that you enjoy looking at our photo gallery.

Ceramic Photo Tiles Now Available

Well, actually, our attractive ceramic photo tiles have been available for some time, but we have just recently listed them on our products page.  Please take a look at the images.  When you do, you will see, among them, two pictures of a kitchen.  This kitchen belongs to a customer of ours who decided when she remodeled that she wanted to feature floral images.  This customer has also used some tiles in her bathroom.  We are hoping to get some better photographs of these locations soon.

Our tiles can be used at meals to hold hot items, or they can be displayed for purely decorative purposes in your home.  They look especially handsome in wooden frames or metal trivets.  Needless to say, these tiles make great gifts!

Floral Gallery is Up!!

We are pleased to announce that our Floral Gallery is now "live" on this website.  Although we still need to put titles with the photos, you can take some time to peruse the many blossoms featured.  Then, when we add the titles, you will be able to order these floral images in the form of ceramic tiles, coasters, mugs, or any other product we now have available.  We have already sold quite a number of floral ceramic tiles to someone who has used them as a "backsplash" for her kitchen and has also used them in her bathroom.

If you have any comments or questions about our floral pictures, feel free to contact us.  We'll be happy to hear from you.  http://www.panachephotos.com/floral

Joined Art Museum

As announced on our Facebook pages, we became members of the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday.  The Museum set aside a number of days on which "working artists" could join for only $25.  It was too good a deal to pass up.  Since it was Brian's birthday recently, my sister (this is Vickie speaking) very kindly bought him his membership, and we paid for the other one.  Now we'll be able to take advantage of the Friday night jazz (and other music) programs that take place at the Museum every week.

As I noted on the Facebook pages, today is the last day to get this special deal.  If you live locally and can get to the Museum today, bring a business card or have a website address available to show the membership people, and you can join at the $25 rate.

We didn't have a lot of time yesterday to look around, so we just sped through some of the Pop Art exhibit.  Though it might not be my favorite sort of thing, it's interesting (and somewhat fun), so give it a gander if you stop by the Museum.

I'm hoping that we'll do a little more work on our floral gallery today, especially as it seems to be an early spring-like Sunday.

Have a nice day.

First Blog Post -- February 26th, 2016

Greetings!  Welcome to the Panache Photos blog.  We thought that it was about time that we created a blog to go along with our new website.

Our news for today is that we looked through quite a number of floral photos that we have in our photo library, and we picked out around 45 of them to use in a new gallery.  Our Floral Gallery should be up soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

We recently added titles to the photos in the Philadelphia and the Snowy Philadelphia galleries.  Soon we hope to add titles to the images in our other galleries -- Artsy, Animals, and Finger Lakes.  And, of course, we would like to do the same for the new Floral Gallery in the near future.

We always welcome comments and suggestions, so please drop us a line when you have a chance.  We'd love to hear from you.