Joined Art Museum

As announced on our Facebook pages, we became members of the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday.  The Museum set aside a number of days on which "working artists" could join for only $25.  It was too good a deal to pass up.  Since it was Brian's birthday recently, my sister (this is Vickie speaking) very kindly bought him his membership, and we paid for the other one.  Now we'll be able to take advantage of the Friday night jazz (and other music) programs that take place at the Museum every week.

As I noted on the Facebook pages, today is the last day to get this special deal.  If you live locally and can get to the Museum today, bring a business card or have a website address available to show the membership people, and you can join at the $25 rate.

We didn't have a lot of time yesterday to look around, so we just sped through some of the Pop Art exhibit.  Though it might not be my favorite sort of thing, it's interesting (and somewhat fun), so give it a gander if you stop by the Museum.

I'm hoping that we'll do a little more work on our floral gallery today, especially as it seems to be an early spring-like Sunday.

Have a nice day.